Mycenaean-Minoan Rally/Tour

Mycenaean-Minoan Rally/Tour

Rally all Greece, including Kefalonia & Crete, to enjoy the Hellenic experience at the perfect time of year: fine spring weather, empty roads, warm hospitality, beautiful scenery, carpets of spring flowers, astonishing historic sites… Mycenaean-Minoan Rally-Tour will start in Igoumenitsa and finish in Athens, with discounted Adriatic Sea ferries and covered transport from Britain for those who need them. We’ll stay in outstanding hotels with atleast two nights in most, so those who want a relaxed tour can relax, while those who want action can enjoy extra driving plus tests on circuits, and those who want history and culture can take in all the archaeological sites, monasteries, museums and so much more that Greece has to offer. The rally will be backed up by a well-equipped service crew.
Open to all classic cars, with classes related to age and engine size, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really get under the skin of this oldest European civilisation, while at the same time enjoying a rally that is competitive without becoming arduous or boring, and is open to all, with novices and experienced crews equally welcome.




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