Three Sisters Circuit Car Track Day

Three Sisters Circuit Car Track Day

Three Sisters Circuit is the perfect venue to learn the art of track driving. Experience the thrill of driving your own car at speed, while exploring its capabilities in a safe, controlled and relaxed environment.

You will run in your own group, be that Novice, Road-Car or Track-Day Car, so there is no need for drivers to feel under any pressure from faster or even slower cars on circuit. We also limit the number of cars on the circuit to ten, so there’s plenty of space to have fun without worrying about other vehicles.

Three Sisters Car Track Days offer the following benefits:

Full safety briefing before the track time starts.
The groups are split into 15-minute sessions which will offer plenty of track time throughout the day.
No more than ten cars on track at any one time.
Cones are placed on the circuit edge to aid effective braking.
Turn-in and apex cones are placed on the circuit edge to help you master the racing line.
Helmets are available to hire (at extra cost).
In-car coaching is available all day (on request at extra cost).
Classroom sessions are available, covering advanced driving techniques (at extra cost).

Car Track Days need to be pre-booked. It is possible to add on a passenger or additional driver. Call 01942 719030 to secure your place!




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