Brussels Motor Show

Brussels Motor Show

The 99th Brussels Motorshow, which is traditionally held in January at the Heysel exhibition centre, will take a rather unusual form this year. In the circumstances of the COVID pandemic, FEBIAC has decided, in the interests of protecting public health, and in agreement with the exhibitors, to decentralise the Brussels Motorshow.

For to let you go through the month of January without being able to enjoy the Motorshow’s special offers and without being able to see all the automotive sector’s new models would certainly not be a good choice!

In practical terms, this means that we have moved the 99th Brussels Motorshow to the showrooms of the dealerships of the various brands, so that it can go ahead, despite everything. No longer at Brussels Expo, but, this time, in your local showrooms. So don’t hesitate to visit them between 14 and 31 January, to explore all the new models and to enjoy the Brussels Motorshow’s special offers.




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