BRSCC Mazda Mx-5 Snetterton Race Weekend

BRSCC Mazda Mx-5 Snetterton Race Weekend

Snetterton beckons for the first time for the BRSCC in the 2022 season as a trip to Norfolk is on the cards in April, where it hosts all four of the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 series on the roster for both Mk1 and Mk3 models, plus endurance action from the C1 Racing Club for the first time this year with the club as well as the Clubsport Trophy and all-new BMW 1 Series SuperCup, and the ZEO Prototype Cup. Plus, there’s a guest appearance from the awesome Mini 7 Racing Club, who will bring both of their exciting Mini Se7en and Mini Miglia championships to play too.




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