January 17, 2022

We’re sure you all have the dates for the Goodwood Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport, Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard and Revival heavily inked into your diaries but here are another group of fantastic Goodwood gatherings to get excited about.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending in the past, the Goodwood Breakfast Club is a series of five mini motor shows held at the Motor Circuit on a (hopefully) sunny Sunday morning. Each one has its own theme and the tickets are free. And not only can you come along with the kids, the dog and the grandparents, you can also nominate your own car to take part if it fits the theme.

Registration is very simple and we do get a lot of entries so it’s best to get in quick. The cars which we think fit the theme the best even get to line up along the famed start-finish straight with the rest lined up all the way back down the Lavant Straight and filling every single paddock shelter.

Speaking of themes, the Breakfast Club season opener on 1st May will be the firm favourite Supercar Sunday. Unleash your inner kid and bring your actual kids to come and admire some of the most spectacular examples of automotive engineering from their birth in the ‘60s to the present day hypercar pinnacles.

The June Breakfast Club coincides with the Platinum Jubilee weekend so of course we had to acknowledge 70 glorious years with Rule Britannia Sunday. We will be gathering the very best of British from the past seven decades from the masterpiece that was the Issigonis Mini and the Jaguar E-type to the latest McLarens and Rolls-Royces.

The 24th of July will see us celebrate the good old days of motoring and get us warmed up for the Revival. Classic Car Sunday is actually a bit broader than our annual celebration of all things vintage and is open to pre-1982 cars so as well as exotica there will be a smattering of ‘my dad had one of those’ to admire.

After the September hiatus we will be back on 2nd October with the weird and wonderful world of Anything but the car Sunday. As the name suggests you will get the chance to see an eclectic line-up of all shapes and sizes of machinery from mini motos to tanks, possibly even a plane or two, arrayed along the circuit. If it’s anything like the ones held in the past, the kids will absolutely love this one.

Finally, wrapping up the season on a hopefully crisp Autumn morning on 6th November is another big theme; Vee-Power Sunday. Celebrating everything from Ducati superbikes to heavy metal Americana, as long as it is powered by anything from a V-twin to a V16 then it’s in.